For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes early, you will be required to fill out a health intake form. This is very similar to the papers you fill out at your doctors office. We need to know as much about your health history as we can in order to make the most of your session.

You will then be taken to a private room where your therapist will go over your intake form and discuss your goals of the session. The therapist will show you where to put your personal belongings and leave the room while you undress and get on the table between the sheets. The room will be dimly lit with music playing in the background in hopes this eases tension levels and you are able to relax.

Your therapist will come in and begin your session after a few minutes. This is YOUR session it is very important that you communicate with your therapist regarding pressure. If the pressure is too great it is important that you let your therapist know so adjustments can be made.

After your session, your therapist will leave the room. You will be told to take your time getting up, to get dressed and meet your therapist outside of the room.