Sports Massage

At Bartlett Therapeutic Massage, LLC athleticism is our passion. We understand the dedication required by athletes to achieve and retain their personal goals. Amanda has been involved in sports in one way or another since early childhood and the hard work put forth by herself and her fellow athletes is, in large part, the reason she became a Massage Therapist.

How can Therapeutic / Sports massage help you?

Sports massage will help release any built up tension and lactic acid in the overworked muscles so that blood and oxygen can return to the muscle and effectively promote muscle repair. Sports massage, if received as part of a sports program, can help an athlete prevent injury due to overuse.

There are several types of Sports Massage that is beneficial to athletes.
Pre-event massage should be a fast paced session usually lasting 15-20 minutes. This vigorous session is aimed at warming muscle fibers and increasing blood flow to help prepare you for the event.

Post-event massage should be calming and relaxing. The goal of this session is to ease those over used and exhausted muscles and aid in the recovery time. This session is anywhere from 45-60 minutes long and should happen 1-24 hours after the big event.

Maintenance session are regular massage sessions you receive during your training program. The regularity of these sessions depend on how often and how hard you train. These sessions are custom tailored to your body’s needs to aid in recovery time, increase range of motion as well as boost the immune system by stimulating lymphatic flow.